Did you know that basketball players are trained to shoot from their fingertips, not from their palms? The reason for that is that if you release a ball from your fingertips, it will automatically have “backspin.” “Backspin” is just what it sounds like: the ball is spinning backwards, even while it’s moving forward through the air toward the hoop. Why does backspin matter? Well, try throwing a basketball directly at the rim or backboard as hard as you can (no backspin!). If you aim straight and throw hard, it should bounce right off in a relatively straight line, going in the opposite direction of the hoop. Looking at the physics of a game is fun, but the best way to get better at anything, including basketball, is to get out there and see how it works in real life! Find what works best for you and practice until the ideal physics of dribbling and shooting become second nature. Remember: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so keep at it! Better to miss a few shots than not take them at all.